The subscription period in Precise Biometrics’ rights issue begins today

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Today is the first day of the subscription period in Precise Biometrics AB (publ) ("Precise" or "Company") rights issue of ordinary shares (“Rights Issue”), which was resolved by the Board of Directors on 10 August 2022 with subsequent approval by the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 5 September 2022. Upon full subscription in the Rights Issue, Precise will receive approximately SEK 42.5 million before issue costs. The purpose of the Rights Issue is to ensure the continued and successful implementation of the Company's growth strategy.

Summary of the rights issue

  • Each shareholder who on the record date, 8 September 2022, was registered in the Company’s share register will, in the Rights Issue, be entitled to one (1) subscription right for each share owned in the Company. The subscription right entitles the holder the right to subscribe for ordinary shares, whereby six (6) subscription rights entitle the holder to subscribe for one (1) new ordinary share.
  • The Rights Issue comprises up to 6,599,399 ordinary shares.
  • The subscription price in the Rights Issue is SEK 6.44.
  • Egis Technology has undertaken to guarantee approximately a fourth of the Rights Issue free of charge. In addition, the Company has received subscription undertakings from all shareholding members of the Board of Directors and Management in Precise regarding their pro rata share of the Rights Issue as well as from the board director Peter Gullander, amounting to approximately 2.7 percent of the Rights Issue in total. The Rights Issue is thus guaranteed to approximately 27.7 percent.
  • In connection with the Rights Issue, all shareholding members of the Board of Directors and Management in Precise have contractually committed to Vator Securities AB not to, with customary exceptions, sell shares or carry out other transactions with the equivalent effect of a sale without, in each individual case, first have obtained a written approval from Vator Securities AB. The lock-up period lasts from the day of the agreement until the day that falls 90 days after the end of the subscription period in the Rights Issue. Furthermore, Egis Technology has, through an investment agreement and with customary exceptions, committed to the Company not to, for a period of 24 months after the decision on the directed issue and the Rights Issue, sell the shares in the Company that Egis Technology receives through the directed issue, the Rights Issue and, where applicable, the over-allotment option without, in each individual case, having first obtained written approval from the Company

For full terms and conditions of the Rights Issue, please refer to the prospectus published by the Company on 6 September 2022.

Preliminary time plan for the Rights Issue

12 september 2022 – 21 september 2022 Trading in subscription rights
12 september 2022 – 26 september 2022 Subscription period
12 september 2022 – until further notice Trading in BTA ("Paid Subscribed Share") on Nasdaq Stockholm
28 september 2022 Publication of the outcome of the Rights Issue

Prospectus and application forms

The prospectus, which includes the full terms and conditions of the Rights Issue, is available on the Company website,, Vator Securities’ website,, and the Financial Supervisory Authority’s prospectus register,

Application forms are available on Precise’s and Vator Securities’ website.


Vator Securities AB acts as financial advisor and issuing agent to Precise Biometrics in connection with the share issues and Advokatfirman Lindahl KB is the Company’s legal advisor in connection with the Rights Issue.

For more information, please contact:

Patrick Höijer, CEO


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