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What you should have done before sending in a lead to us:

1. Made sure there is genuine interest from the company / Person to use YOUNiQ.

2. Briefly explained the product, so they have an understanding of YOUNiQ (This does not have to be in detail, a quick description will suffice). Product details to help with this exists in PRODUCTS in your affiliate page


Please provide the company name
Please provide the name of your connection
Please provide the email of your connection
Please choose the communication method with your point of contact

Pending – We have received your contact and currently evaluating if it is a viable customer / we are cross referencing to make sure this is not a company we are already in contact with or have been in contact with.

Approved – The contact and company are ideal for us and we will start contacting your lead.

Signed – The lead you sent in has signed a contract with Precise Biometrics and you will receive your share as per contract.

Rejected – The lead was not appropriate for us / the lead already existed in our database / negotiations with the lead fell through and they did not sign a contract with us.