New pilot with Compare-IT to optimize energy use

We’re delighted to announce that our collaboration with Proptech company, Compare-IT has resulted in a pilot to combine biometric access with smart energy solutions.

After our partnership announcement in December 2021, Precise YOUNiQ was integrated with Compare-IT´s software platform. Following the successful conclusion of the evaluation phase, a pilot is now planned to launch over the coming months, with potential for more exciting activities to come.

In this pilot, Precise’s technology will enable energy use to be optimized via Compare-IT’s software platform. The solution automatically identifies if people are present in a facility which then allows for heating and energy functions to be adjusted, depending on how the areas are being utilized.

Henrik Jarl, CEO Compare-IT said:
“While it has only been three months since our partnership with Precise Biometrics started, we have a very good relationship. Consequently, we’ve been able to keep up a high pace in our discussions and collaboration. With the power of both companies’ technologies, we have a great opportunity to help real estate companies save energy in a sustainable way and reduce costs. As a Proptech company, this is important to us as it cements our belief in growth and sustainability”.

Fredrik Sjöholm, Interim CEO Precise Biometrics said:
“At Precise, our focus lies in innovation, development and the creation of sustainable digital solutions for a range of industries such as facility access. We do this both by developing our own solutions and by collaborating with partners to expand our offering and provide additional added value for our customers. We see exciting synergies in working with Compare-IT and look forward to introducing an innovative integration to deliver sustainable energy savings.”

Read the full press release (in Swedish) here.

For more information please contact: Fredrik Sjöholm, Interim CEO Precise Biometrics,


About Compare-IT

Compare-IT is a Proptech company within digitalisation of properties and housing. The foundation of the company’s offering is the Smart Homeline control system, with expertise in building automation and solutions for smart homes. The company operates to provide lasting values ​​for the property owner, manager and homeowner. The entire company’s offering, including development, manufacturing, sales and support, is based at the head office in Malmö.

About YOUNiQ

YOUNiQ integrates facial recognition with access control systems to provide convenient and secure access to facilities. The technology behind the product is based on artificial intelligence that confirms the individual’s identity through its unique facial features.


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