Precise Biometrics publishes White paper on anti-spoofing and liveness detection

By 2020 almost six out of ten financial transactions are expected to be performed via biometric authentication, primarily via fingerprint sensors in mobile devices. But identity theft and fraud is rampant and without any sufficient anti-spoof protection for fingerprint sensors, mobile commerce will be at risk. Fingerprints are left on numerous surfaces and it is possible to readily acquire a latent fingerprint in under 60 seconds using a variety of known methods.

What is anti-spoofing and how does it operate with fingerprint technology? This and more is covered in Precise Biometrics’ white paper “Spoof and liveness Detection for the Mobile Biometrics Market”, which is free to download here.

The White paper gives an easy-to-understand introduction to spoof and liveness detection; how a fingerprints spoof is done, current anti-spoofing solutions, and the standardisation work to find ways to evaluate spoof detection.
The white paper also describes Precise Biometrics’ software solutions that provides an effective combination of fingerprint matching and anti-spoofing capability for mobile devices.