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Precise Biometrics divests its Mobile Smart Card Solutions business area to IDENTOS

Precise Biometrics has concluded an agreement with German IDENTOS GmbH on the takeover of the Mobile Smart Card Solutions business area, which includes the business operation involving smart card readers under the Tactivo™ brand. This entails Precise Biometrics further increasing its focus on the Fingerprint Technology business area and freeing up resources for the development and sales of fingerprint technology.

Resolutions at Precise Biometrics’ annual general meeting 2017

At the Annual General Meeting (the “AGM”) of Precise Biometrics, which was held today on Tuesday May 16, Anna Almlöf, Torbjörn Clementz, Torgny Hellström, Matts Lilja, Mats Lindoff and Synnöve Trygg were re-elected Board members. The AGM also resolved on the implementation of an incentive program for the company’s employees.


Growth in the fingerprint market is still strong. Revenues from several of our customers are growing. As previously indicated, sales during the first quarter were lower than in the previous year and are a consequence of the ongoing market and customer transformation. Together with investments in the business for growth, operating profit ended up negative.