Ground-breaking anti-spoofing capability and next-generation ultrasound sensors created fingerprint buzz at MWC Shanghai

The tag line for Mobile World Congress 2017 in Shanghai was “The Human Element”, addressing what mobile products and services will shape our human behaviour in the future. The event was also an attest to the … Continued

New security suite tackles threat against mobile payments head-on

Today, in the run-up to one of the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, and in front of journalists from tech and business media, we had the pleasure of announcing … Continued

Meeting a growing market for fingerprint technology

The market for mobile devices using fingerprint technology is growing as more and more devices are being equipped with fingerprint technology and consumers increasingly demand biometrics for convenient identity authentication. Increased volumes and competition is driving the … Continued

Secure Elements raise the bar for fingerprint security – Interview with Fredrik Sjöholm, Senior Sales Director, Embedded Market

How do you make payments really secure on a smartphone or an embedded system like a credit card? Precise Biometrics solution is to fit fingerprint authentication in a so called Embedded Secure Element, eSE. “This will … Continued

The challenge of small sensors and secure fingerprint solutions – Interview with Rutger Petersson, R&D Director

“The biggest and perhaps most exciting development for the company is the market trend towards smaller and smaller fingerprint sensors and tougher demands for biometric performance,” says Rutger Petersson, R&D Director at Precise Biometrics. He has … Continued

Smart cards the next major growth area for fingerprint technology

The annual report that we published today shows that Fingerprint technology is well on its way to become a de-facto standard for secure and convenient authentication of mobile devices. Pareto Securities Equity Research believes that the … Continued

Making fingerprint solutions easy to integrate – an interview with Deniz Misirli, Systems Architect

A key success factor for Precise Biometrics is customer adaptation, and systems architect Deniz Misirli is in the thick of it. Deniz’ job is to make sure that software solutions for mobile devices and smart cards … Continued

Secure payments and Internet of Things trended at MWC Barcelona

The focus on secure mobile payments and fraud mitigation was evident at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. Our recent acquisition of the anti-spoof expert NexID Biometrics drew a lot of positive attention from customers as … Continued

Liveness detection secures mobile payments

As mobile payments and e-commerce are gaining momentum, so are fraud and spoofing via fake fingerprints. Spoof-mitigation via so called liveness detection is a necessity for the biometrics industry to enable secure and trustworthy mobile payments. … Continued

Making fingerprint recognition a sure thing: interview with Senior Service Manager, Norman Tung

Taiwan-based Norman Tung leads Precise Biometrics’ team for integration support. His job is to turn complex integration into a smooth and timely process, making sure that fingerprint algorithms and other applications function flawlessly together