Patrik Lindeberg, COO of Precise Biometrics at Trustech: “Biometrics will replace PIN codes on payment cards”

The challenges and opportunities of biometrics in payments, which is undergoing rapid growth, was the subject of a panel discussion with four leading industry players at Trustech, the large trade show for smart cards, payments and … Continued

Helping customers succeed with integration of fingerprint technology – an interview with Charles Yang, Technical Service Manager of the Greater China Region

Charles Yang´s job is to advise Precise Biometrics’ Chinese customers on how to integrate the company’s fingerprint software to get world-class biometric performance.

Industry webinar: “Growing demand for spoof and liveness across industries”

The adoption of spoof and liveness detection software in mobile biometrics is becoming a priority among payment providers, OEMs and regulators to mitigate fraud via fake fingers, which poses a threat to sensitive applications like mobile payments. … Continued

Protecting your smartphone from fake fingers – New white paper on spoof and liveness detection

In a poll, the industry publication Find Biometrics asked 165 professionals in the biometrics and identity related industries about various topics and trends. The one thing that stood out, was that more than 90 % agreed … Continued

Surpassing the vision – Precise Biometrics celebrates 20 years

Precise Biometrics was born 20 years ago out of an idea by Christer Fåhraeus, a brilliant Swedish IT and biotech entrepreneur. He wanted to develop a powerful fingerprint software algorithm that could operate effectively on a … Continued

Training an algorithm to become a world-class fake finger-detective – interview with Tim Swyka

Machine learning (AI) is a key success factor behind Precise Biometrics spoof and liveness detection solution. Tim Swyka, Product Manager at Precise Biometrics US office in Potsdam, NY, is responsible for overseeing this suite of products. … Continued

Ground-breaking anti-spoofing capability and next-generation ultrasound sensors created fingerprint buzz at MWC Shanghai

The tag line for Mobile World Congress 2017 in Shanghai was “The Human Element”, addressing what mobile products and services will shape our human behaviour in the future. The event was also an attest to the … Continued

New security suite tackles threat against mobile payments head-on

Today, in the run-up to one of the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, and in front of journalists from tech and business media, we had the pleasure of announcing … Continued

Meeting a growing market for fingerprint technology

The market for mobile devices using fingerprint technology is growing as more and more devices are being equipped with fingerprint technology and consumers increasingly demand biometrics for convenient identity authentication. Increased volumes and competition is driving the … Continued

Secure Elements raise the bar for fingerprint security – Interview with Fredrik Sjöholm, Senior Sales Director, Embedded Market

How do you make payments really secure on a smartphone or an embedded system like a credit card? Precise Biometrics solution is to fit fingerprint authentication in a so called Embedded Secure Element, eSE. “This will … Continued