Resolutions at Precise Biometrics’ annual general meeting 2019

At the Annual General Meeting (the “AGM”) of Precise Biometrics, which was held today on Wednesday May 15, Torbjörn Clementz, Torgny Hellström, Mats Lindoff and Synnöve Trygg were re-elected Board members and Åsa Schwarz was elected new Board member. The AGM also resolved on the implementation of an incentive program for the company’s CEO and CFO.

Precise Biometrics publishes the annual report for 2018

Precise has published the annual report for 2018 on its website. The annual report is available at it can be downloaded and printed.

Precise Biometrics chairman of the board buys shares

Torgny Hellström, chairman of the board of Precise Biometrics, has today, through his company purchased 150,000 shares in Precise Biometrics. His accumulated ownership is 200,000 shares in Precise Biometrics.

Correction: Precise Biometrics CFO buys shares

This press release is a correction of the press release “Precise Biometrics CFO buys shares” that was published by the company today at 10.50, November 14, 2018. The correct amount of shares that today have been bought by Ulrik Nilsson are 200.000 shares. The correct press release is stated below.