Paras Bygg AB upgrades its day-to-day access management with YOUNiQ

With a constant flow of employees and temporary visitors at its headquarters in Eslöv (Sweden), construction company Paras Bygg has solved its need for a next level access management system to decrease the time consuming admin it had with non-secure access passcodes and tags. YOUNiQ has fulfilled the requirements of a smart upgrade to Paras Bygg’s existing solution, by offering a secure and fully digital access with facial recognition.

Paras Bygg was faced with three different challenges. The first was to avoid investing in a new access management system that would provide them simply with similar functions to what they already had, with old fashioned tags and codes for access. The second challenge was how to manage temporary visitors, without the need for permanent staff to manage doors, issuing tags, dealing with forgotten access codes and controlling authorization for people accessing the building. The third one was how to manage authorized access to specific office doors, enabling temporary visitors to move freely in all other office areas.

“To make sure that we both maximize the use of our office space and are protected with best-in-class security, we needed a smart system to easily invite people to our office but without the need for our own staff to provide tags or opening doors to unknown people on a daily basis.
As we have a lot of people from various companies visiting and working at our office during different periods and projects, a secure and seamless access management system is key for us”, says Paul Raso, CEO at Paras Bygg AB.

”By adding YOUNiQ to its current access management system, Paras Bygg is now benefiting from being able to easily handle all short and long term visitors as well as access to individual office doors. With only three cameras it is able to automatically manage external doors and one internal hallway door that also opens one of several individual office doors equipped with SimonsVoss AXHandels, for those registered to this specific door”, says Tony Spodnjak, Business Development, Precise Biometrics.

Inviting all visitors – short or long term – digitally to the YOUNiQ system means that Paras Bygg now has full control over everyone entering the facility in a secure way. It also ensures a better experience for visitors, whether they are visiting for one hour, two weeks or even several months. Staff now only have to deal with unregistered or unauthorised visitors, saving time for everyone.

In addition, YOUNiQ has opened up the possibility to rent office spaces both short and longterm without the need to handout keys, tags or card to the existing access system, again reducing the need to invest in upgrading systems and managing costs efficiently.


About Paras Bygg AB:

Paras Bygg was founded as a one man company by Paul Raso. More than 30 years later Paul is still in the company but accompanied by more than 60 coworkers. Paras Bygg is a construction company focusing on both building new and developing existing facilities and offering facility management. Adapting and expanding the portfolio has been the main success factor. Read more here.

About YOUNiQ:

YOUNiQ integrates facial recognition with access control systems to provide convenient and secure access to facilities. The technology behind the product is based on artificial intelligence that confirms the individual’s identity through its unique facial features.


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