Precise BioMatch® featured in JD´s smart door lock

We are pleased to see that China’s largest retailer is releasing their new smart door lock, now upgraded with Precise BioMatch®.

Through our partner, sensor manufacturer Betterlife, Precise’s BioMatch® algorithm has been implemented in the fingerprint module placed on the handle, and offers enhanced security and performance with a remarkably low authentication rejection and fraud detection rate.

Also, the fingerprint identification area can collect more fingerprint feature points, making it extremely user friendly even for the elderly and children with low fingerprint identification rates. In addition to this it meets the requirements for high security, high sensitivity and ultra-low power consumption preferred by the smart door lock industry, so it can be applied in insurance Banking, finance, and other industries with high security requirements.

Read more in Betterlife´s post


Founded 2009, is China’s largest online retailer and its biggest overall retailer, as well as the country’s biggest Internet company by revenue. sets the standard for online shopping through its commitment to quality, authenticity, and its vast product offering covering everything from fresh food and apparel to electronics and cosmetics.

About Betterlife

Founded in 2011, Betterlife is a sensor manufacturer that 2016 entered an agreement with Precise, for licensing of Precise´s algorithm solutions for fingerprint recognition BioMatch®. Read more about the company here.

About Precise BioMatch®

Precise´s fingerprint algorithm solution, for a secure and convenient identity authentication in e.g. mobile phones, cars and IoT.