Signs of summer and the importance of generational diversity

An undisputed sign that summer is here is the arrival of our summer students! With highly regarded institutions such as Lund University and LTH (Faculty of Engineering) as our neighbours, at Precise we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming many students over the past years.

With various backgrounds, diverse talent and loads of fresh ideas they make an impact from day one. The summer of 2021 brings no less than six shining stars to our teams, Elvis, Jason, Gloria, Benjamin, Sophie and Hampus. Let´s hear from them:


How did you become aware of Precise, and what attracted you to working for the company?

“I became aware of the company while I was looking for extra work while studying. I found Precise by accident and thought that it would be an awesome experience working here. Since the company works with biometrics and is on the cutting edge in the industry of biometric access systems. I just had to apply and be a part of it!Benjamin Music, Master Student at LTH.

“This is my second summer at Precise, I worked here during the summer of 2020 and my time here has been great! For me, it is the people in the company and the trust that they put into us summer workers which makes it great to work here. Moreover, the inclusiveness is amazing, even as a student everyone treats you as one of their own”.Jason Tan, Bachelor Student at Malmö University, The Faculty of Technology and Society.

I became aware of Precise Biometrics through a friend that works there. It’s a very attractive company because of how innovative the products are and how it’s a fast-paced leading tech company. It’s exciting because you’re part of something that is at the forefront”.Sophie Johansson, Master Student at Lund University.


What does your role involve and what will you be working on over the coming months?

“During this summer, I will be working on how to digitalize the upsell for YOUNiQ. I hope to contribute with valuable insights and knowledge that is going to help the company in the future”. – Gloria Mokberi, Master Student at LTH.

 “I work mostly with lead generation and customer prospecting. Finding companies that can be potential customers for YOUNiQ.”Elvis Kosovac, Master Student at Lund University.

“Over the summer, I will be supporting installers, helping them set up YOUNiQ for their customers. I will also make guides and other supporting material for both installers and the sales team to use”.Hampus Sjöholm, Bachelor Student at LTH.


Precise is a great place to start and grow your career if you are looking for a valuable real-world experience. In departments such as Software Engineering, Data Science, Sales and Marketing, we offer an environment that fosters feedback and mentorship. A win-win solution as it enables a valuable balance and knowledge exchange between many generations.

We embrace the power of generational diversity and how strong knowledge and experience gets that extra sparkle by adding e.g. the gen Z point of view. By learning from each other we move forward and become the modern company we strive to be. Many of our former temporary employees have actually moved on to permanent positions and now contributes in sales, marketing and our algo teams” – Stefan K Persson, CEO at Precise.


Jake, Adam, Hedvig and Arvin are all brilliant examples of this, starting off their journey at Precise by writing their Master’s theses, then working with us on our internships, now they are permanent members of our team:

“It was in the spring of 2019 when I first came in contact with Precise. Me and a classmate were looking for interesting master thesis projects. We were both interested in machine learning and image analysis and came across Precise from an ad on our school’s career platform. What really caught our interest was the possibility to work with palm print recognition since it hasn’t really been established (yet). Today, I am a part of the fingerprint algorithm team and my main focus there is on the Cardo algorithm. My current work revolves around improving performance, especially for slim sensors, which consists of implementing and testing cool new ideas”.Adam Ly, Algorithm Developer at Precise.

 “I’m so happy to be part of the Precise team. During my Master’s studies at Lund University, I was working with marketing at Precise and I really enjoyed the family feel and professionalism at the company. Now, I’m part of the commercial division here at Precise and I work with both marketing and sales. I look forward to working closely with the team and continuing to develop by gaining experience and new knowledge from the highly talented people working here”.Hedvig Spenner Crona, Sales and Marketing Representative at Precise.

 When I moved from Singapore to Sweden in the middle of 2020, I wanted to work at a company that was driving innovation within their field. Through searching and talking to people I know in Sweden; I became aware of Precise and instantly applied to work here. In recent months I have been working as the scrum master for the commercial division of Precise. In addition to this I mange our Affiliate program.  The level of trust and responsibility that is given to new and young employees surprised me. This however, is the aspect that I most enjoy here at Precise, as it has really made me develop skills, especially in decision making.” – Arvin Esmaeili, Scrum Master at Precise.

“After writing my bachelor thesis at Precise during the beginning of 2020 I had the possibility to work as a summer worker. The summer job led to a full-time position as a software developer and support, with a lot of responsibility and possibilities to develop as an engineer and as a person. During my short time at Precise I have managed to be involved in several projects including our biggest YOUNiQ installation in Skellefteå. Besides learning more than I ever though was possible in barely a year I really enjoy the commitment, hard work and great colleagues you find at Precise.”Jake O`Donnell, Software developer and Customer support at Precise.


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