Skanska tests YOUNiQ for biometric access

At Precise, we are pleased that the Swedish construction giant Skanska, as part of a pilot project, has installed YOUNiQ for safe and convenient access. Through the installation, Skanska can now experience the benefits of biometric access via facial recognition for more convenient and secure access to selected premises in the company’s head office. The installation was performed by Precise’s partner NVSS Security.

With our passion for innovation, we work continuously to develop new products that meet customers’ demands. We understand that it is difficult for companies to make sure that only authorized individuals enter premises with cards, tags or keys since they can be lost or borrowed and used by others, so we have developed YOUNiQ to address this problem. YOUNiQ integrates face recognition with access control systems to provide convenient and secure access to premises and buildings. The technology behind the product is based on artificial intelligence that confirms the individual’s identity through its unique facial features – YOU are the key.

Great potential for biometric access in the construction industry

Precise assesses the Swedish market potential for biometric access to be very large, where growth is being driven by trends such as security, sustainability, technological development and regulation. Construction is a vertical where there is a high demand for safe and convenient access. Precise estimates that 80% of all construction sites will have installed electric locks by 2025, which are a basic prerequisite for biometric access.

By using biometric access with facial recognition, the security of the construction sites Is significantly increased by only allowing access to authorized personnel. In the construction industry, biometric access with facial recognition is to prefer over fingerprint recognition, another common method of biometric access, as it does not require construction workers to have clean or free hands.