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    Precise Biometrics Trust Center

    Security, privacy, and compliance is important for us, and you have our commitment to data protection and privacy.  

    We have our own internal security board, use state of the art technology, make sure we are compliant with relevant standards and regulations, and much more.  

  • Security

    Our top priority is keeping our customers’ data secure. We are using state of the art technology and processes, and we have stringent security measures at the organizational, architectural, and operational levels to ensure that your data and applications remain safe.

    All our work follows the processes and best practice recommended by the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) which is a cybersecurity control framework for cloud computing. Read more here. (Link to: )

    Security Board

    Our Security Board is the cornerstone of our commitment to safeguarding your data and ensuring trust in our services. Comprised of experts in cybersecurity and risk management, its objectives are twofold: to anticipate and mitigate potential threats, and to continuously enhance our security measures. This proactive approach not only protects our systems but also fosters confidence among our users, ensuring a safe and reliable experience.


    Precise Biometrics delivers everything from locally embedded solutions in smartphones to distributed cloud services to enable the use of biometric data where needed. We are committed to data privacy and security when processing and storing this sensitive information, which includes the General Data Protection Regulations (GDRP) and other relevant laws, locally and internationally.

    In those customer cases where data needs to be transferred to the United States, we follow EU laws and the Data Privacy Framework from 2023:

    More locally, the Swedish law, Offentlighets—och Sekretesslagen (OSL), was updated in 2023 to allow cloud solutions for technical processing and storage of sensitive data. For additional information related to cloud solutions and public authorities please read this blog post from Knowit,

  • Compliance

    Precise makes a significant investment in compliance related areas and are working towards a future certification/compliance
    for ISO 27001, SOC 2 reports, and other relevant regulations and standards.

    Corporate Governance

    Precise Biometrics is a public company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Corporate governance is founded on the company bylaws, the Swedish Companies Act and stock exchange rules. We apply the Swedish code for corporate governance (the Code). Find more information here.


    Precise Biometrics is committed to conducting its business at the highest ethical level. Read more about our whistleblowing function here.

  • Privacy

    At Precise Biometrics we are committed to protecting your privacy. All personal data is processed in accordance with the applicable data protection laws. Our privacy policy outlines the actions we have taken to ensure this and provides details on how we treat any personal data you may submit to us. Find our privacy policy here. At the link you can also see information about cookies etc.