Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

Are you looking for two-factor authentication for mobile use? Tactivo™ enables two-factor authentication on Apple iOS and Android devices.

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Security is essential to protect sensitive business data. Many businesses already use two-factor authentication for accessing resources from workstations like PCs and laptops. Now companies are looking to increase productivity by using the power and capabilities of today’s advanced mobile devices, but often cannot due to the lack of security.

Why is two-factor authentication so important also for mobile use?

All chains break at the weakest link. If two-factor authentication is not used throughout the entire system, the security breach will occur where it is missing. Two-factor authentication increases security by using multi-factor authentication. An example of two-factor authentication is a combination of a password or PIN with a smart card. If the smart card is lost, it is still protected by a PIN and if the PIN is revealed the smart card must still be obtained before security is breached. Since mobile devices are more easily misplaced, lost or stolen than PCs and laptops, it is even more important to use multi-factor authentication on mobile devices. Two-factor authentication is achieved when combining two out of the three factors; knowledge, possession and inherence.

  • Knowledge being something you know like a PIN
  • Possession being something you have like a smart card
  • Inherence being something you are like fingerprint biometrics


With Tactivo all these factors can be combined. A common combination is a smart card storing a certificate in a PKI (public key infrastructure) system. The certificate can only be read after successful PIN verification (or biometric, or both PIN and biometric verification). The certificate can be used for authentication with digital signatures or encryption and authorize access to protected resources. The Tactivo product family of smart card readers enables smart card usage on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Through a minimalistic design and form-fitted devices, Tactivo integrates perfectly with iPhone and iPad. The smooth soft touch surface of the Tactivo has a premium look and enhances the user’s grip elegantly. If you already have or want a smart card based two-factor authentication system and want to go mobile, then Tactivo is something for you. Our devices combined with apps from our ecosystem are sure to cover your needs!