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    Algeco is a leading provider of modular buildings and containers. They offer standardized solutions as well as custom solutions to meet their customers’ needs. Algeco has a large portfolio of solutions from temporary school buildings, offices, living spaces, and more.

    YOUNiQ locations:

    Skellefteå (Sweden)

    Stockstadt (Germany)

    Kiruna (Sweden)

    Sandnes (Norway)

    Stockholm (Sweden)

    Industry: Modular buildings

Integrating this software with our access control systems has enabled facial recognition at our facilities and allows us to manage access in a safe and secure way that’s really convenient and modern for our residents.

Nina Flood
Managing Director, Algeco Sweden


The challenge

With construction underway on one of Europe’s largest new industry facilities in Skellefteå, Sweden, many of the construction workers and subcontractors for the project live just a few kilometers away in temporary modules developed by Algeco, a leader in space rental solutions. The size of the project required rapid creation of high-standard housing with a frictionless access solution for the constant flow of residents who needed to access their rooms without staff on-hand to manage key cards or the associated administration for physical access tokens. 

The solution

Integrated with Algeco’s access control systems, YOUNiQ has enabled a fully digital solution offering facial recognition at the facilities, allowing residents access in a secure and convenient way. As a person’s biometrics cannot be forgotten or lost, it also means that customers don’t need to worry about remembering their key or the risk of theft. 

The result

The YOUNiQ solution has proved to be user-friendly, secure and cost-effective, making the process of recognizing an individual and granting them access, effortless. As it is a fully digital solution, it means that just one administrator is needed to manage over 500 doors.  All user invitations, registrations and support is managed online by the administrator and the residents themselves carry out their registration process online too. Algeco now does not have to manage lengthy processes such as providing a key or tag to users or re-issuing temporary replacements when someone loses or forgets their key.  

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