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    Friskis&Svettis is a leading gym provider in Sweden. As a non-profit sports association, Friskis&Svettis have a special goal; to spread as much joy of movement through exercise as possible. With 500,000 members, over five percent of Sweden’s population trains at one of its facilities.

    YOUNiQ locations: Lomma & Landskrona (Sweden)

    Industry: Gym & Fitness

“To meet the demand from our customers to have flexible access, it was an easy decision to use this biometric solution from Precise as it means our members can use the facilities even if we are not here.”

Mariana Fleischer
Operation Manager, Friskis&Svettis Lomma


The challenge

As one of Sweden’s leading gym providers, Friskis&Svettis wanted to meet demand from members to make facilities available whenever they wanted to use them. Additionally, they wanted to prevent unauthorized access, such as people sharing their card with a non-member. The challenge was how to achieve this flexibility in a secure, customer-convenient, and cost-efficient way, as they could not afford to increase staffing levels to enable a 24×7 reception. 

The solution

The solution was to use facial recognition with YOUNiQ, meeting Friskis&Svettis’ business operational challenges to enable access outside normal hours. At the same time, this solution also reduced costs by removing the need for physical access cards and tags, which are so easily lost, shared or stolen.  

The result

Members can now use the gym facilities where YOUNiQ is installed at any time that is convenient to them, even when the reception is not staffed. Another added benefit is that members can quickly and accurately check when their gym is busy and opt to train at an alternative time – something which has been highly appreciated during the pandemic. Friskis&Svettis has additionally avoided extra personnel costs since they have not had to hire extra staff and as they can be confident that only authorized members are able to access the gyms.  

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