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Science Village Scandinavia

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    Science Village Scandinavia (SVS) AB manages many processes for Science Village including supporting industry initiatives, supporting incoming property developers, facilitating connections between institutions and business, prospective tenants and building owners, and developing the Science centre. In short, the SVS AB-office brings together the area’s different stakeholders and interests to develop a world-leading knowledge ecosystem.

    YOUNiQ locations: Lund (Sweden)

    Industry: Real Estate 

By using YOUNiQ we can remotely onboard all visitors, eliminating the administration surrounding traditional keys and passwords, and minimizing time spent on this activity. We are also ensuring that only the right people are accessing our premises. We see this as our first installation with the ambition to include more locations as the area expands.

Christian Lindfors
CEO, Science Village 

The challenge

Möllegården in Lund is a specialist off-site facility, situated between two world leading research facilities – MAX IV and ESS – for small size workshops and team meetings.

The biggest challenge for SVS AB team was that every time it was used, one person from the team had to drive out to Möllegården from their HQ in Lund city to manually open rooms and allow visitors to access it. In addition to this inefficient way of working, it was also a significant challenge keeping track of all the keys, tags, and codes in circulation due to transport drivers using the facility as a resting place during periods of bad weather or during their breaks.

With only a small team to do all of this manually, it meant that offering Möllegården as a conference space became both time consuming and uneconomical. A further issue was ensuring security since access keys were often lost and codes were not changed. This in turn meant they could be shared and reused by unauthorized visitors.

The solution

Without the need to change the existing access and alarm system, YOUNiQ Advanced* was installed at the main door and set to open for all registered users during working hours. This solution eliminated the need for access keys, tags, and codes, as users could now use facial recognition via YOUNiQ instead. The solution came with the added benefit of higher security levels at the facility, as well as reducing time spent by SVS employees on access management.

The result

Whenever Möllegården is booked, the facilitator sends an email invitation to all visitors, to register via YOUNiQ (with a selfie) so that they have access during their visit. This means that the door can stay closed and secured during the duration of the renters visit, something that was not possible before, as only a few individuals had the access key or code. SVS employees also no longer need to drive to the facility and the exchange credentials with visitors, as the process is now completely digital. When the visit is over, access for all visitors is automatically revoked, and no keys nor tags are needed to be returned. Lastly, the public transport drivers enjoy seamless entry to the facilities during their breaks, and if new colleagues join, they are easily added to the system as well as removed when they are not working in the area.

*YOUNiQ Advanced: A stand-alone solution based on a web relay controlling the entrance point.

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