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St Lawrence Health

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    St. Lawrence Health (SLH) is an integrated, regional health services organization comprised of three hospitals and a number of outreach primary and specialty care practices serving the people of Northern New York and the St. Lawrence region. SLH is an affiliate of Rochester Regional Health (RRH), a nine-hospital health services organization serving the people of Western New York. 

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“The ‘walk-up’ facial recognition functionality consistently demonstrates secure, convenient access to our facility and data centers, and is effectively hands-free. We certainly plan to continue our partnership with Precise Biometrics to scale the use of YOUNiQ as we work to standardize and modernize access controls across St. Lawrence Health.”

Rich Ingersoll
Director of Systems Engineering and Architecture

The challenge

In recent years, St. Lawrence Health (SLH) has undergone significant growth resulting from a strategy of regional consolidation and service line expansion. SLH utilizes a card-based access control solution but the expansion of integrated facilities and large increase in employees both contribute to a more challenging security environment, especially in high security areas such as the organization’s data centres and IT department.

The solution

While the card-based access system was functional, it couldn’t offer the same level of security that biometric user credentials provide. By incorporating facial recognition as a form of physical access credentials, YOUNiQ Access has ensured a high level of security, which helps the organization maintain the safety of its high-security zones, including the data centers and IT department.

The result

Through the use of YOUNiQ Access and its facial recognition technology, St. Lawrence Health has been able to resolve security issues and improve access control security. This innovative enhancement to physical access controls has been consistently reliable and provides secure, convenient, and hands-free access to the facility and data centers, regardless of weather conditions. The ease of use of YOUNiQ’s user registration and convenient access has been appreciated by employees, making the system more frictionless. Furthermore, the organization has achieved a higher level of confidence in its facility security, all without inconveniencing its user community. Moving forward, St. Lawrence Health plans to continue its partnership with Precise Biometrics and scale the use of YOUNiQ to standardize and modernize access controls across the organization.

*YOUNiQ Advanced: A stand-alone solution based on a web relay controlling the entrance point.

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