Access with facial recognition


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    Industry challenges

    • Keys, access cards or key tags are easily lost, stolen or shared
    • Not knowing who has access to the building
    • Difficulty in handling heavy flow of both permanent users and temporary visitors
    • High administration costs – Enrollment, handling access cards, manage temporary access ​etc.
  • YOUNiQ Solution

    • Cloud-based administration
    • Seamless integration with well known brands
    • Fully digital and user-friendly onboarding
    • Highly secure and accurate authentication
    • Restrict or allow access to a certain area or building
    • Offline mode ensures that the system is up and running despite potential internet faults
    YOUNiQ features
  • segments-commercial-buildings-insights

    Customer Case

    “To make sure that we both maximize the use of our office space and are protected with best-in-class security, we needed a smart system to easily invite people to our office, without the need for our own staff to provide tags or open doors to unknown people on a daily basis. As we have a lot of different people from various companies visiting and working at our office during different periods and projects, a secure and seamless access management system is key for us.”

    Paras Bygg AB

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