YOUNiQ recommended prices

Listed below are the recommended prices for a maximum number of simultaneous users at a customer site. The prices are not limited to the number of cameras and doors at the site.

All prices cover the YOUNiQ software service, including support and regular updates.
Required hardware and installation is provided by a YOUNiQ certified installation partner.

For further pricing details, product information and introduction to our certified partners,
please contact Precise Sales

“At a time when digitalization permeates all forms of industries and their solutions, it is important to be at the forefront and

be able to offer our customers smart solutions with high security and excellent user experience.

Through the collaboration with Precise, we can now complement our already strong product range with a product that is timely and appropriate”


““In our ambition to give our customers a spot-on experience of our premise’s solutions, we believe our cooperation with

Precise is an important step, a way to be in the frontline of our markets digitalization””

“The biggest benefit is getting rid of all the hassle with tags and access cards…”


“Precise Biometrics has done a fantastic integration work and created a good user experience together with ARX.

This solution complements existing keyless solutions for convenient and secure access”