YOUNiQ Professional

A solution that integrates with your existing access management system.

YOUNiQ integration partners:

To purchase complete integrated packages please contact one of our trusted partners:

Elajo  SmartTeknik  Elektrocentralen  Göthes Säkerhet

Swedsecur  Bravida Prenad  NVSS Security  Växelgruppen  Professionell Säkerhet

Safeteam  Sydsec  Installationscompaniet  Midroc  ComRegia

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YOUNiQ Advanced

A stand-alone solution based on a web relay controlling the entrance point.

Can be connected to the following components:

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YOUNiQ recommended prices

Listed below are the recommended prices for a maximum number of simultaneous users at a customer site. The prices are not limited to the number of cameras and doors at the site.

All prices cover the YOUNiQ software service, including support and regular updates. Required hardware and installation is provided by a YOUNiQ certified installation partner.

For further pricing details, product information and introduction to our certified partners,
please contact Precise Sales