Convenient and secure identity authentication for everyone, everywhere

Convenient and secure identity authentication for everyone, everywhere

We provide market leading fingerprint software and smart card readers for digital authentication of identity. Our software is trusted by governments and consumers  worldwide and is used hundreds of millions of times every day.

Fingerprint software with liveness detection
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YEAR-END REPORT FOR THE PERIOD JANUARY TO DECEMBER 2017  FOURTH QUARTER   Net sales for the remaining operation totaled SEK…
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Newly appointed CEO for Precise Biometrics buys shares

Stefan K Persson, who will assume the position as CEO of Precise Biometrics at the latest on August 1, 2018,…
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New CEO for Precise Biometrics appointed

The Board of Directors in Precise Biometrics has today appointed Stefan K Persson to new CEO. Stefan K Persson is…

Ground-breaking spoof & liveness detection solutions for increased security

Our security suite offers industry leading fingerprint matching software with state-of-the-art spoof and liveness detection, as well as standalone anti-spoof products and services. The suite meets a growing demand for secure and trustworthy fingerprint authentication.



fingerprint technology

Fingerprint Technology

Our fingerprint algorithm solutions for convenient and secure fingerprint identification are based on 20 years of cutting edge research and have been integrated into hundreds of millions of mobile phones and tablets worldwide. Precise Biometrics software provides the best user experience for products with small sensors and platforms with limited processing power and memory, such as payment cards, wearables, access control systems and the Internet of Things. Our advanced algorithm solutions can be integrated with any fingerprint sensor, operating system or hardware platform.

Customers: World-leading mobile phone manufacturers

A perfect match for smartphone leaders

Customers: World-leading mobile phone manufacturers
Precise BioMatch® Mobile provides industry leading convenience and security for mobile devices with small fingerprint sensors
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Tactivo™ - Smart Card readers for Secure Mobility

Convenient mobility – Increased efficiency
Tactivo enables convenient and secure login to IT systems with smart cards from mobile devices. The smart card readers contribute to a better and more efficient working environment with less administrative work and reduced operating costs. Tactivo is proven and used by the US Defense Logistics Agency and the US Navy, major NHS Trusts in the UK such as Imperial College Healthcare and Oxleas, healthcare operators in the Swedish healthcare sector and Fortune 500 companies.

Secure & compliant
Tactivo offers strong information security through two-factor authentication, combining a smart card with a PIN-code. Solutions with Tactivo can be deployed in the existing PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) environment. All our smart card readers are FIPS 201 compliant and listed on GSA APL.

User experience
Tactivo for iPhone and iPad are cases designed to perfectly fit and protect the device in order to provide a great user experience. The smart card is easily inserted and removed on the back of the smart card reader. A Guardian Case is available for extra tough user environments. Tactivo is also available as a dongle for Android and iOS.

Wide range of use cases
Tactivo can be used with a wide range of applications enabling many different use cases within healthcare, government and enterprise. Our carefully selected partners in America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, several of them leading mobility vendors, offer complete integrated solutions with Tactivo for mobile access to information and resources.

Customer: Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Efficient & patient focused community care at Oxleas

Customer: Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust
Increased efficiency and patient care through secure mobile access to IT-systems
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At Precise Biometrics we value close relationships. Precise Biometrics’ partners benefit from our market leading fingerprint and smart card solutions to increase their value proposition and competitive advantage.

View all our partners
  • Qualcomm Technologies
    Qualcomm Technologies

    Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) is a world leader in 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technologies. Qualcomm Incorporated includes Qualcomm’s licensing business, QTL, and the vast majority of its patent portfolio. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, operates, along with its subsidiaries, substantially all of Qualcomm’s engineering, research and development functions, and substantially all of its products and services businesses, including its semiconductor business, QCT. For more than 25 years, Qualcomm ideas and inventions have driven the evolution of digital communications, linking people everywhere more closely to information, entertainment and each other.

  • Synaptics

    Synaptics is the leading developer of human interface solutions which enhance the user experience in the expanding digital lifestyle – over one billion devices include Synaptics’ interfaces. Products offered include touch pads, touch screens, keyboards and fingerprint sensors. Precise Biometrics fingerprint algorithm supports Synaptics’ touch fingerprint sensors.

  • Fingerprint Cards
    Fingerprint Cards

    Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) markets, develops and produces biometric components and technologies that through the analysis and matching of an individual’s unique fingerprint verify the person’s identity. The technology consists of biometric sensors, processors, algorithms and modules that can be used separately or in combination with each other. FPC’s fingerprint sensors can be integrated with Precise Biometrics’ acknowledged fingerprint algorithm.

  • Silead

    Founded in 2010 by GalaxyCore (a leading CMOS company with several offices worldwide) Silead is the fastest growing IC design house in China.  Over 120 million IC’s have been shipped worldwide representing 70% of PAD China ODM. The company employs over 150 technicians and has forecasted revenues of 1 Billion Dollars in 2015. Precise Biometrics fingerprint algorithm supports Silead’s touch fingerprint sensors.

  • ELAN Microelectronics Corporation
    ELAN Microelectronics Corporation

    ELAN Microelectronics Corporation is a Taiwanese IC design house founded in May of 1994 and one of the world’s leading human-machine interface chip providers. The company specializes in touchscreen IC and touchpad development and modular solutions. It provides customers with a full range of integrated system design and solutions that are popularly used in smartphone, tablet, NB and consumer electronic products. Precise Biometrics fingerprint algorithm supports ELAN’s touch fingerprint sensors.

  • Gemalto

    Gemalto’s expertise spans the entire process of creating digital security solutions, developing secure software and operating systems, which are embedded in billions of trusted devices such as UICC cards, banking cards, tokens, e-passports or ID cards. Gemalto’s IDGo 800 Middleware for Mobiles, available on Android and iOS environments supports Tactivo from Precise Biometrics. Gemalto also offers biometric enabled software and smart card components incorporating Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint algorithms.

  • ATEA

    Atea, Europe’s third largest IT Infrastructure Provider, is an Apple Authorised Systems Integrator, and a reseller of Precise Biometrics’ Mobile Smart Card Technology products. Atea offer solutions for your entire IT infrastructure, and has presence in the Nordic countries and the Baltics.

  • Good

    Good provides strong two-factor authentication and S/MIME email signing and encryption to enhance security for Good for Enterprise. Good software is compatible with Precise Biometrics Tactivo and it secures mail access, ensures message privacy and integrity, and enhances data protection. And it leverages a hardware-based Secure Element on a smart card (CAC/PIV) or microSD to store user credentials and keys without compromising the mobile form factor or user experience.

  • Isosec

    Isosec is a leading provider of authentication solutions to the NHS in England. Using the combination of Isosec’s MIA mobile platform and Precise Biometrics Tactivo sleeves enables NHS Trusts to perform a full NHS smartcard authentication and exploit the gesture driven capabilities of mobile devices. This combination of Isosec’s and Precise’s products provides real productivity benefits for health-care professionals by reducing duplication and real savings for Trusts through reduced administration.

  • Citrix

    Citrix Receiver is an easy-to-install software client that lets you access your applications securely from any device, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs. Working with a Citrix- enabled IT infrastructure, it gives you the mobility, convenience and freedom you need to get your work done. Citrix Receiver is compatible with Precise Biometrics smart card reader Tactivo.

  • Carahsoft

    As a top-ranked GSA Schedule Contract holder and a distributor of Precise Biometrics Smart Card Technology Products, Carahsoft serves as the master government aggregator for many of its best-of-breed vendors. Carahsoft supports an extensive ecosystem of software manufacturers, resellers, and consulting partners committed to helping government agencies select and implement the best solution at the best possible value.

  • Tx Systems
    Tx Systems

    Tx Systems distributes Precise Biometrics’ smart card technology products and is the leading distributor of smart card and identity solutions from the industry’s top manufacturers. Tx Systems specializes in access control systems for commercial and government applications. Tx Systems provides a complete line of smart cards, related software and development tools.