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About Precise

Precise Biometrics AB, known as “Precise”, is a global pioneer in biometric IT security solutions. The solution suite includes fingerprint, face, and palm recognition algorithm products along with turnkey solutions for access management (YOUNiQ Access) and visitor management (YOUNiQ Visit) where biometric recognition is seamlessly integrated.

The key segments include premium biometric authentication solutions for mobiles, laptops, security tokens and smart looks, as well as automotive applications for in-car payments, driver authentication, and personalized settings and access. We also specialize in visitor management and physical biometric access control.

Why invest in Precise?

Precise pioneer the evolution of biometric IT security, aiming to allow every individual in the world to experience a safe and seamless everyday life without the hassle of passwords or keys. A life where you are the key!

As a SaaS and expert company within the biometric IT security solutions space our solutions have never been more relevant considering the uncertain security landscape, locally as well as globally, and the rapid tech development, including AI.

Some of the key reasons for investing in Precise:
  • Safety and security have attention everywhere
  • Proven world-leading biometric expertise, and biometric technology has been our core for over 20 years
  • Hardware agnostic algorithms – applicable in several different verticals like mobiles, laptops, smart locks, security tokens, cars, etc
  • SaaS/software company with a scalable business model, incl subscription and ARR-business – and no hardware casing costly/troublesome stock levels
  • Global mobile market turning to growth in 2024
  • New leadership team focused on commercialization
  • New business model for YOUNiQ showing increasing ARR and accelerated growth
  • High commercial potential in key markets like US and Europe
  • Current valuation

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