About us

About Precise

Precise Biometrics is a global pioneer in biometric IT security solutions. The solution suite includes fingerprint, face, and palm recognition algorithm products along with turnkey solutions for access management (YOUNiQ Access) and visitor management (YOUNiQ Visit) where biometric recognition is seamlessly integrated.

The key segments include premium biometric authentication solutions for mobiles, laptops, security tokens and smart looks, as well as automotive applications for in-car payments, driver authentication, and personalized settings and access. We also specialize in visitor management and physical biometric access control.

Precise pioneer the evolution of biometric IT security, aiming to allow every individual in the world to experience a safe and seamless everyday life without the hassle of passwords or keys. A life where you are the key!

Precise operates out of its offices in Lund (HQ) and Stockholm, Sweden, Potsdam NY, USA, Seoul, South Korea, Taipei, Taiwan, and Shanghai, China. The Precise share is listed at Nasdaq Stockholm (PREC).

Our Story 


Precise Biometrics was founded in 1997 with the vision of offering biometric technology for mobile phones. We have been pioneers from the start and continue to offer innovative products for convenient and secure identity authentication. 

Historic milestones 

  • 2017: NexID Biometrics is acquired, which provided parts of what is now the company’s liveness detection. 
  • The liveness/anti-spoof is launched as a separate offering. 
  • 2019: The company’s Shanghai office is fully operational. 
  • Launches YOUNiQ access. 
  • 2021: Acquires EastCoast Solutions. 
  • 2024: Establishes local sales team in the Benelux region. 
  • Launched Palm recognition