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Why Precise Biometrics?

In a society where security is becoming increasingly central, Precise helps to create increased peace of mind. This is done by developing innovative technological solutions in the field of biometrics, where simplicity and a first-class user experience are combined with a very high level of security because YOU are the key. Instead of using a PIN code, password, key, card, etc. to identify yourself, you use your finger, face, or palm.

There are areas of application in both digital and physical access, and the applications can be found in, for example, mobile phones, laptops, smart locks, access systems and vehicles.

The offering consists of algorithms, basic technology, which component manufacturers use in their products, and also end-customer products for access and visitor management. The focus of all solutions is to combine high security with a first-class user experience through outstanding technology, based on AI and Deep Learning.


  • Why precise? insight

    Why Precise?

    • Unique knowledge, as biometrics has been our core business for 25 years.
    • Established on the global market, our technology is used more than 100,000 times per second, all year round.
    • Large customer base and a global footprint in the world of biometrics.
    • Hardware-independent, handling several different biometric modalities such as finger, hand, and face.
    • Publicly listed company.