• BioEnhance - Powerful Image Signal Processing

    BioEnhance is our advanced Image Signal Processing (ISP) product designed to enhance biometric images for optimal accuracy and reliability, helping biometrics matching solutions in verifying authentication. BioEnhance elevates biometric systems by ensuring superior image quality through noise reduction and the highlighting of crucial biometric features. 

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Key features of BioEnhance

  • Noise Reduction

    Minimizes noise in raw images to improve clarity and accuracy. 

  • Biometric, Fingerprint and Palm, Enhancement

    Highlights and enhances fingerprint features for better recognition.

  • Processed Image Output

    Delivers a high-quality, processed image ready for biometric analysis. 

  • Advanced Display Background Removal:

    Utilizes an advanced algorithm to remove display background noise for optimal image quality.

  • Temperature Adaptation

    Automatically adapts to changes in display background temperature, remembering different temperature characteristics for instant adaptation. 

  • Display Brightness Compensation

    Accurately estimates display brightness for seamless background removal, regardless of display status or content.

  • Palm and Fingerprint Segmentation:

    Segments the image into palm-/fingerprint and background using full raw image information for precise analysis.

  • Flare Detection

    Effectively detects and segments out flares from the sun or other light sources.

  • Color Filter Compensation

    Supports sensors using color filters by automatically estimating the full gray level of the pixels.

  • Liveness Feature Extraction

    Extracts highly discriminative features for robust liveness detection.