World leading Fingerprint Technology

World leading Fingerprint Technology

We offer software for convenient and secure fingerprint recognition in mobile devices, smart cards and products with small fingerprint sensors.

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Our Fingerprint Algorithms

Precise Biometrics’ BioMatch fingerprint recognition software consists of advanced algorithms that are key to the user experience of fingerprint technology. Thanks to these solutions, users can conveniently and securely open a phone or authenticate themselves on an application by means of a quick touch. The algorithm solutions are based on close to 20 years of cutting edge research and have been implemented by hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Precise Biometrics software can be integrated with any sensor technology, operating system or platform, and provides the best user experience for products with small sensors and limited processing power and memory.

Do you want to understand biometric performance evaluation?

How to evaluate a fingerprint algorithm – and achieve top performance

Patrik Lindeberg, COO at Precise Biometrics, speaker at the Global Smart Touch Industry Summit in Shenzhen, China, commenting on the event.

We are very happy to have been given the opportunity to address participants at the event with this information. By doing so, we help Purchasers, Product Managers, R&D representatives and others, to better understand fingerprint authentication, so that they can make better decisions when choosing an algorithm for their device.