Precise Biometrics operates according to principles governing its relations with employees, partners and other stakeholders, which are based on respect for laws, environmental concerns, human rights, labor issues, social responsibility and customer requirements. We do business according to international principles and convention.

You will find an overview and summary of the policies Precise Biometrics applies to below.

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Whistleblower routine

Maintaining a high standard of business ethics is never negotiable within Precise Biometrics and the company is always committed to conducting our business in accordance with the law and high ethical standards. To ensure this, the company has established an opportunity for the company’s employees, business partners and other stakeholders to report any serious and sensitive irregularities and inappropriate behavior that could have an adverse effect on the company’s business and which, due to the nature of the concern, cannot be reported through normal procedures. Such whistleblower routine shall serve as an alternative way to report suspicions of serious and wrongful acts and abuses and to ensure that such concerns are treated seriously and appropriately.

Primarily, we encourage our employees to talk to their supervisors, but there may be situations where this is not appropriate or situations where the person prefers to remain anonymous. In such situations, the reporting shall be made to the company’s Chairman of the Board, Torgny Hellström at the following e-mail: torgny.hellstrom@precisebiometrics.com, or Johan Herrström at Lindahl at the following e-mail: johan.herrstrom@lindahl.se. The routine also applies for business partners and other stakeholders.


Sustainability is an important cornerstone of Precise business, and we are working actively to promote social and environmental awareness. We do this primarily by being a responsible employer, reducing our environmental impact and conducting our business responsibly. The company works actively in these areas to contribute to a more sustainable society.  

The company focuses primarily on the areas where the business is considered to have the greatest impact: 

  • The working environment, health and safety 
  • Equal treatment in all relationships 
  • Business ethics 
  • Own environmental impact 
  • IT security and anti-corruption 

Precise’s operations have a limited environmental impact, due to their digital and technological nature.  

The technical solutions we develop create increased digitalization and thereby contribute to both a reduced environmental impact and increased security in society. Reduced environmental impact is primarily achieved through simplified logistics and administration, as well as reduced use of plastic cards/tags, for example. Increased security is achieved as YOU are the key, instead of using codes, cards or tags. 

Sustainability policy

Precise has implemented a sustainability policy including several points in accordance with the environmental goals as set out in Agenda 2030. It serves as a guiding star for the company’s actions, both operationally and strategically. Precise evaluates and develops the company’s efforts in this area on an ongoing basis in order to further integrate sustainability into the company’s development. 

The working environment, health and safety 

Precise is a knowledge-based company that depends on the desire and ambition of our employees to continuously push the limits of technology. The company works actively to be an attractive employer and to create a working environment that gives employees the right conditions to develop.  

Based on Precise’s core values and on a basic premise that all employees play an important role in the business, Precise strives to create a working environment in which people want to work, to challenge themselves and to be involved in developing the company. 

Creating openness, an understanding of the company’s goals, responsibility to the individual, training and salary benefits, and the creation of a stimulating, secure working environment, are all focus areas for the company. 

The core values are:  

  •  Passionately committed 
  • Smarter together 
  • Everyday pioneers   
Equal treatment in all relationships 

Precise is developing to become an increasingly international company with increased diversity. Different backgrounds and experiences are important for the company’s development, and Precise does not accept any form of discrimination against employees in connection with employment or duties at work on the basis of gender, religion, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion or social or ethnic origin. The company’s long-term objective for equality is that there shall be no differences in the company with regard to professional roles and levels of compensation that can be related to gender affiliation. Furthermore, all employees should perceive that they have equal standing regardless of gender in their day-to-day work and in respect of the impact of work on their private and family life. The company also has the ambition to promote a more even gender balance, although without compromising on competence, and to achieve a situation in which the number of company employees is more evenly distributed with respect to gender within all units. 

Code of conduct and business ethics 

The company’s Code of Conduct emphasizes the fundamental ethical principles that Precise observes when conducting its business operations and supports the company’s employees and consultants in their relations with business partners and other stakeholders. 

The Code of Conduct includes, among other things, guidelines, values and rules on ethical business, relationships with employees, customers and suppliers, and information to shareholders. All employees are expected to support and uphold the company’s values and responsibilities. The company’s employees, business partners and other stakeholders have the opportunity to report any possible serious or sensitive irregularities or improper conduct that could have a detrimental effect on the company’s business operations or stakeholders through what is known as a whistleblowing procedure.  

Our own environmental impact 

Precise strives to select efficient, sustainable alternatives in order to reduce the company’s impact on the environment. The company develops and sells biometric products for identification, which in itself has little impact on the environment. Precise strives to choose an environmentally-friendly IT infrastructure and deliver software solutions as downloadable files, which involves minimal environmental impact in connection with delivery and distribution. Precise is growing to become an increasingly international company with operations in a number of countries in Europe, North America and Asia. As air travel accounted for a large proportion of the company’s climate impact before Covid-19, the use of videoconferencing was always encouraged in order to minimize the number of trips. For example, the office in Shanghai made it possible to offer local support and service to customers, reducing the number of flights from Europe to Asia significantly. During the year, the company continued to hold a majority of booked meetings virtually, which reduced physical travel. When traveling physically, the company always strives to reduce its climate impact as much as possible.  

The company operates in premises with environmental certification in accordance with Miljöbyggnad Guld, LEED Platinum and Green Building. LEED is an international certification system that assesses environmental impact from five aspects: the location of the premises, water-saving, energy consumption, internal environment, and material and resource consumption. Precise evaluates procedures and work methods on an ongoing basis in order to identify more effective methods that reduce the company’s environmental impact.