Precise Biometrics strengthens its commitment to Ultrasonic Fingerprint Solutions

Precise Biometrics, a global pioneer in biometric IT security solutions, expects increased demand for ultrasonic fingerprint algorithms in the coming years. The company is therefore announcing a next generation ultrasonic fingerprint solution, an elevated technical focus and additional offerings targeting the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor segment. This focus aims to further advance Precise Biometrics’ strong position in the area and will be funded by redirecting and optimizing existing resources and expertise.

A new generation of high-performing mobile phone displays is driving the accelerated demand for ultrasonic fingerprint sensors. Precise Biometrics’ view is that this segment is growing much faster than the overall fingerprint sensor market, which is expanding at a rate of 7-12%, according to market research companies*. In addition, the segment also offers better margins than the broad fingerprint sensor market.

As one of just a few providers in the world of algorithms for ultrasonic sensors, Precise Biometrics is well positioned to take advantage of this market shift. The first mobile phone featuring Precise ultrasonic fingerprint algorithm was launched in 2018 and the company has since then established a solid market position with deep-rooted partnerships with leading sensor manufacturers.

Precise Biometrics has now made the strategic decision to further strengthen its commitment to ultrasonic fingerprint solutions by leveraging its biometric expertise and global footprint to accelerate overall development, optimize performance through AI technology, and further enhance the powerful matching capabilities in BioMatch and the anti-tampering and liveness features in BioLive.

Joakim Nydemark, CEO at Precise Biometrics, comments: 
"As we see growing demands for our ultrasonic solutions, and considering we are one of only a few players in this field, it's a natural step for Precise Biometrics to further strengthen our position in this area. Today the ultrasonic segment is a relatively small part of the total fingerprint sensor market but considering the anticipated growth rate, we see good opportunities moving forward. We hold a leading position in biometric IT security solutions globally, with a strong position in algorithm products as well as related areas like anti-tampering solutions, palm recognition and multi-factor authentication.” 
 *Based on market reports from Marketandmarkets and Mordor Intelligence.