Precise starts cooperation with CanvasBio to develop sensors for laptops

Precise has entered a development partnership with CanvasBio, a Korean manufacturer of fingerprint sensors, to jointly develop a fingerprint module for use in laptops. The module is being developed with sensors from CanvasBio integrated with the Precise BioMatch algorithms. The partnership is part of the growth strategy for Precise Algo business unit, which includes building new partnerships with additional sensor vendors and growing in new verticals.

This development partnership is a step forward in line with our stated growth strategy where we want to build new partnerships with sensor manufacturers and grow in new verticals beyond the mobile market where we already have a strong position globally. Through the partnership, we are leveraging our expertise in advanced image analysis to develop a competitive fingerprint module with CanvasBio for use in laptops – which we see as an interesting area to expand into going forward”, says Patrick Höijer, CEO of Precise. “Going forward we also see further use cases, in addition to laptops, as targets for the jointly developed fingerprint module.

The solution being developed by Precise and CanvasBio is based on a so-called Match-on-Chip solution, which is a new trend in the market for commercial laptops. This means that the biometric verification will take place in a processor that is separated from the computer's application processor in order to achieve a higher level of security according to the latest Microsoft Hello Enhanced Sign-in Security standard.

Precise expects commercialization of the partnership in the second half of 2023.

About CanvasBio
CanvasBio has the mission to grow as a provider “Global Total Solutions for Biometrics” to the biometrics industry by providing customers with algorithms, sensors, hardware and applied techniques of software. Rather than competing, the company is partnering with existing companies specialized in security and bio-authentication to expand the business.

CanvasBio aim to lead in the biometrics market by providing fingerprint recognition IC, algorithms, authentication and security services. Based on extensive business experience in the biometrics industry, the company intends to lead in the software and authentication service market as well.