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    Our Modalities

    At Precise Biometrics, we specialize in delivering powerful biometric solutions tailored to your security needs, enhancing security, and creating a seamless experience across various applications. Our comprehensive biometric suite includes face, fingerprint, and palm recognition, each offering unique benefits for different use cases.  

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  • Face Recognition

    Face recognition offers a seamless and contactless method of authentication and identification, ensuring user convenience and high security. It utilizes advanced algorithms to accurately verify if an individual should be granted access or not, even in dynamic environments and varied lighting conditions. 

    Use Cases: Face recognition is mainly used for access control to buildings and restricted areas. 

  • Fingerprint Recognition

    Fingerprint recognition is a time-tested biometric modality known for its reliability and precision. It provides quick and accurate user verification, making it a popular choice for diverse applications. Our technology is used over 100,000 times every second around the world. Our matching product, BioMatch, and our anti-tampering product, BioLive, are used in mobile phones, laptops, smart door locks, smart cards, vehicles, and more. 

    Use Cases: The fingerprint modality is used for authentication in mobile phones, laptops, smart locks, smart cards, payment transactions, and safeguarding sensitive information. It is also used for several applications in the automotive industry, including payment authentication, driver authorization, and personal settings. 

  • Palm Recognition

    Palm recognition combines the accuracy of fingerprint technology with clear intent, and a touchless experience, resulting in enhanced security and a seamless user experience. 

    Use Cases: Palm recognition can be used in a wide range of applications, including access control, visitor management, and payments.