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Precise is a global identification software provider, offering products with a range of applications so you can identify yourself in a convenient and secure way.

Access many of your everyday applications by using your unique human characteristics
as your own personal key.

Pioneers since 1997

  • Business

    Precise is a global identification software provider. The company offers products with various applications that enable individuals to identify themselves in a convenient and secure way by using their own unique human characteristics.

    Precise has two product areas; Digital Identity and Algo, and operates from its offices in Lund, Sweden, Potsdam NY, USA, and Shanghai, China. Precise is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (PREC).

  • Customers

    Precise is a B2B company that develops and offers innovative identification solutions to corporate customers that improve how end users identify and register themselves. Our products allow users to, through their own biometrics, identify themselves in a convenient and secure way.

    Additionally, we inherit a portfolio of customers through our partners, which in turn grows our business.

  • Organization

    Precise is a knowledge-based company that is dependent on its employees’ will and ambition to constantly move the boundaries of technology. The company works actively to create a work environment that gives employees the right conditions to develop. Based on Precise’s core values ​​and on the premise that all employees play an important role in the business, Precise strives to create a work environment where people want to work, challenge themselves and be involved in developing the company.

  • Research & Development

    Precise has a world-leading team in research and development, and with our passion for innovation, we constantly work to create new products that meet customer needs. With over 20 years of experience in the development of algorithm solutions for mobile phones and smart cards, Precise has been able to develop YOUNiQ, a facial recognition software which combines different biometric modalities that can be adapted to different application areas such as physical access and visitor management systems. With our strong R&D team, we maintain our position as a leader in biometric technology with innovation and development as key focus.

  • Technology Leadership

    Precise has extensive industry experience and is a reliable supplier of biometric solutions. Our products are used hundreds of millions of times every day and offer the best user experience and security for identity authentication. Product development is and has always been Precise’s main focus and the company constantly strives to improve its offering and drive the market for identification solutions through innovation. Since its inception, the company has successfully launched innovative products that are user-friendly and safe. Something made possible through experienced specialists in the field as well as an agile and innovation-driven organization.

  • History

    Precise Biometrics was founded in 1997 with the vision to offer biometric technology for mobile phones. We have been pioneers from the start and continue to offer innovative products for convenient and secure identity authentication. Today we have two product areas: (1) Digital Identity – identification within access, digital services and visitor management, and (2) Algo – identification within fingerprint applications.

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    Are you passionate about innovative technology?

    For more than 20 years we have been at the forefront in developing identification software, based on biometric technology. Our products are used hundreds of millions of times every day by people all over the world. Identification is at our core and our products enable individuals to identify themselves in a secure and convenient way.

    With our passion for innovation we continuously work to create novel products that meet our customers’ needs. With our strong R&D team we maintain our position as a biometric technology leader.

    Interested? Please send your CV or a message to career@precisebiometrics.com

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