Fingerprint Recognition Software

Our leading fingerprint recognition software provide convenient and secure identity authentication in products with small sensors and limited platforms such as smartphones, tablets, smart cards, wearables and IoT (Internet of Things).

World leading fingerprint technology
Our fingerprint recognition software has been integrated into over 190 mobile devices from over 40 smartphone manufacturers, as well as in over 160 million national ID cards. Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint technology is acknowledged and based on 20 years of research and have been implemented to hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Fits all type of hardware
Our fingerprint recognition algorithms are packaged as software solutions for smartphones and tablets (Precise BioMatch® Mobile), smart cards (Precise BioMatch® Card) and wearables and IoT (Precise BioMatch® Embedded). The modular design of Precise Biometrics’ BioMatch® solutions provides great flexibility for biometric authentication in any type product with small sensor and limited platform, thus providing the user with high accuracy, security and convenience.

Operates on small sensors and constrained environments
Our proven algorithms enable platforms with limited processing power and memory, such as microcontrollers and secure elements, to be included in a complete and effective systems for biometric authentication. The flexible fingerprint recognition software solutions are uniquely developed for small fingerprint sensors, implemented in ANSI C and works independent of sensor technology, operating system or platform.

The ANSI C implementation offers an excellent, stable and time efficient way to support a wide range of platforms, e.g., Android, Windows, Linux and various TEE implementations. As fingerprint sensors are becoming smaller and smaller, especially on mobile devices and smart cards, new and additional features are required. Precise Biometrics’ hybrid extractor, matcher and template format explore full use of these. In combination with standard minutia specified in standards like ISO, IEC 19794-2 and ANSI/INCITS 378, this offers very powerful functionality to the user. The algorithms also include sophisticated logic, using multiple image samples as a basis for feature template extraction.

Helpful tools for easy integration
Supporting the core extractor and matcher, our fingerprint recognition software come with a variety of helpful tools, such as an image quality assessment module, API sample code, guides for easy integration, evaluation software and a demo.

Interested in finding out more about the fundamentals of biometrics and evaluating biometric performance? Read our white paper where you will find four pages on the most important facts related to biometric performance evaluation.