Data collection services

Fingerprint image data collection products for matching optimization, on-boarding anti-spoof technology, and certification validation.

Biometric authentication
Biometric Authentication is rapidly becoming the desired alternative to conventional authentication methods such as passwords and tokens. In developing and testing their sensor technologies, biometric authentication device manufacturers are required to conduct extensive data collection activities. To supplement or replace internally conducted biometric data collection, manufacturers can turn to Precise Biometrics.

Precise Biometrics is a specialist in Biometric Research and biometric data collection. Since 2007, Precise Biometrics has conducted biometric research and data collection as part of its research and development process in the field of biometric matching and liveness detection. Data collection applications include biometric device, software and solution testing.

Customers can select from available collection “slots” among a predefined, published schedule of live and spoof image collections. Hardware and software components are required to be received two weeks prior to scheduled collection.

  • Collection for algorithm training for Biomatch Mobile and Biomatch Embedded

    Collection from 125 human subjects
    48,000 total images captured
    Deliverables consist of optimized algorithm libraries, one copy of collected image database, and summary report

  • Collection for training for anti-spoof solution

    Collection from 250 human subjects
    10,000 live images and 10,000 spoof images
    Deliverables consist of trained anti-spoof solution, one copy of collected image database, and summary report

  • Collection for 1:50K certification

    Collection from 125 human subjects
    31,500 total images captured
    Deliverables consist of one copy of collected image database and a certification report

  • Custom collections

    Precise Biometrics can design custom data collection services for a variety of biometric modalities and collection conditions to suit the specific requirements and deliverables of each project. Collection projects can easily scale from a handful of subjects to thousands.

  • Image capture API development

    Development Customization of Precise Biometric Image Capture API for integration with target fingerprint sensor, for use with any of the above image database collection products.