Revolutionize Mobile Security with Precise Biometrics’
Ultrasonic Fingerprint Solutions

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Revolutionizing mobile phone authentication with
ultrasonic fingerprint solutions

Precise Biometrics has during spring 2024 launched its next generation fingerprint algorithm product for ultrasonic fingerprint sensors. It’s designed to create a seamless user experience, deliver unrivaled security, and meet the rising demand for advanced security in high-performing mobile phone displays.

Why Ultrasonic Fingerprint Solutions?

The demand for ultrasonic fingerprint algorithms is set to surge, driven by the rapid growth of high-performing mobile phone displays. Unlike traditional fingerprint sensors, ultrasonic sensors offer superior accuracy and security, making them the preferred choice for the next wave of mobile technology.

Why Precise?

To stay ahead in this fast-evolving market, Precise Biometrics is further strengthening its focus on ultrasonic fingerprint solutions. We are redirecting and optimizing our resources and expertise to develop cutting-edge solutions that further enhance our market-leading position.

    • Pioneers in Ultrasonic Fingerprint Algorithms: Our first mobile phone featuring our ultrasonic fingerprint algorithm launched in 2018. Since then, we have built a robust market position with deep-rooted partnerships with leading sensor manufacturers.
    • Advanced AI Technology: Leveraging AI, we optimize performance and ensure the highest security standards through our powerful BioMatch matching capabilities and BioLive’s anti-tampering and liveness features.
    • Global Footprint: With offices on three continents, a global partners network that consists of the leading sensor manufacturers around the world, and unmatched expertise in biometric security, we are well-positioned to capitalize on the growing ultrasonic fingerprint sensor market, which is expanding faster than the overall fingerprint sensor market.
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    A Message from Our CEO

    “As we see growing demands for our ultrasonic solutions, and considering we are one of only a few players in this field, it’s a natural step for Precise Biometrics to further strengthen our position in this area. We hold a leading position in biometric IT security solutions globally, with a strong position in algorithm products as well as related areas like anti-tampering solutions, palm recognition, and multi-factor authentication.”

    – Joakim Nydemark, CEO, Precise Biometric

More information

Read our latest press release about the ultrasonic solution here, or contact us to learn more.

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