Best user experience & security for smartphones

  • Superior user experience & high security

    Precise BioMatch Mobile is the industry leading fingerprint software for smartphones and tablets. The algorithm solution provides the best user experience and security of fingerprint technology in mobile devices with small sensors. Our patented technology is based on 20 years’ experience of cutting edge research and development in fingerprint algorithms for small fingerprint sensors and platforms with limited processing power and memory.

  • Proven by leading mobile manufacturers

    Our fingerprint software for smartphones and tablets has been integrated in mobile devices from over 40 leading mobile device manufacturers such as Coolpad, Google, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Sony and Xiaomi. Precise BioMatch Mobile is the preferred choice among sensor manufacturers who wants to offer the best user experience and security of their products. Read our customer success story about Precise BioMatch Mobile here.

  • Great flexibility through modular design

    The algorithm solution’s modular design offers customers great flexibility through the ability to optimize and select functionality based on specific implementation requirements. The technology is proven to operate with every type of sensor on the market. It is optimized for Android but is available for other operating systems and platforms as well.

  • Helpful tools for easy integration

    Our fingerprint software for smartphones and tablets, Precise BioMatch Mobile enables the fingerprint recognition process to be carried out in a secure zone within the phone, which guarantees a very high level of security. The fingerprint algorithm solution come with a variety of helpful tools, such as an image quality assessment module, a Performance Evaluation Suite, API sample code, guides for easy integration, evaluation software and a demo.