YOUNiQ Access features


  • Digital distribution of registration link via email
  • Self registration via our web app
  • Consent handling
  • Inviter gets notified when their guest enters


Biometric identification

  • Live face recognition
    • Face recognition in livestream
    • Seamless and touchless or intent trigger
    • Liveness detection
    • Auto learn template
  • QR-code Authentication

  • Authorization

    • *YOUNiQ Access Permission
    • Offline mode

    *configurable to different zones such as a main entrance, warehouse, archive etc.

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    Authorization p.f insight 3
  • Administration p.f insight 4


    • Cloud based administration dashboard / portal
    • Role based privileges – multiple administrators and inviters
    • Access entry logs
    • Access rights management
    • User lifecycle management
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